Volunteers make us who we are!

What we do:

HEM workers prevent accidents at large events by routine walk-throughs, organizing teams of rovers, and identifying patrons in the crowd who may need some attending to. We try to identify potential issues before they occur, assuring the ultimate safety of everyone. HEM assists patrons in need of attention by assessing them in a kind way, making sure they are cared for properly. HEM provides a safe area at the medical tent where a patron in need can be evaluated, relaxed, and revived.

At HEM, we use our own medical supplies, service equipment and hardware related to service, unless otherwise negotiated and agreed upon by promoter/venue management. HEM communicates and coordinates with EMS for advanced life support when a patron presents a need greater than HEM's resources. HEM volunteers will arrive onsite using the universal medical cross t-shirts as identification. HEM also provides a lost and found box for patrons at many venues/events, as well as lost parent/child services coordinated with stage management.

At 'weekend' events (festivals), we camp adjacent to our medical tent, enjoying sunshine, diverse and amazing music, and people. HEM provides one meal per shift for outdoor shows, either meat or vegetarian. We have been developing a kitchen the last year or so, as to save a few bucks and keep our team fed with out having to depend totally on vendors. No meals are provided for indoor shows due to the short shift and lack of on site food vendors, but we may grab a post-show refreshment somewhere!

If you need to, you are welcome to bring your own food, non-alcoholic beverages and refillable water bottles to those events. HEM is family-friendly for those with children. We may also be able to offer some accommodations to the partners of our volunteers (for example, volunteers with lots of children may need an SO pass to come to the event). At long events we become a large extended family that frequently cook and share meals potluck style and assist each other with our children and bodywork. At HEM, the focus is the patron, but how can we treat people successfully if we ourselves are not ready to heal?


Volunteers are asked to give 4-8 hours a day to an event when present. There will be a schedule for each particular shift, and changing shifts is usually not a problem, HOWEVER, THE SHIFT MUST BE COVERED BY A REPLACEMENT AND THE SHIFT SUPERVISOR MUST BE AWARE. NO EXCEPTIONS! This rule cannot be broken!

If we can reimburse volunteer staff for their expenses, such as gas and mileage for driving, we will.


HEM offers CPR/First Aid courses for a minimal fee. We provide opportunities for our volunteers to expand their abilities and skills, making HEM unique from other medical services. What separates HEM from other “rockmed” groups catering to Allopaths exclusively is we feature Natural remedies as well as traditional ones. YES, Naturopaths we want YOU! We want to create a community of HEM volunteers who give back to the music, community, and themselves by sharing their talents within the team.

Get Started!

Please fill out the volunteer application.


Please read the detailed information for volunteers in HEM Resources under HEM Documents. You will signoff at the end of the application that you have read and are responsible for knowing the basic minimums for being an HEM volunteer.

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