About HEM

Harmony Event Medicine's Mission

Improving our community well-being through education, free healthcare and providing fulfilling opportunities for people to share their diverse healing talents.

Harmony Event Medicine manifests our mission in the following ways:

Eliminating economic barriers to basic healthcare.

Providing a healing environment with respectful, non-judgmental, caring support.

Providing care to clients who have no other opportunity to receive medical assistance due to low income, no insurance, and high cost of medical care.

Assisting large events in becoming safer and less burdensome on public Emergency Response systems and health facilities (911, police, EMT's, ER, hospitals, etc.), through treating minor conditions on site, providing counseling, and stabilizing trauma conditions and providing basic life support if needed while waiting for an ambulance transport.

Training in crisis intervention, harm reduction and crowd management in a variety of environments.

Educating anyone interested in first aid, CPR, crisis management, and the unique nature of event medicine regardless of previous training and skills. This training can then be used beyond HEM, preparing individuals to safely and calmly provide assistance in situations at work, home and during natural disasters.

Merging all types of medical and counseling skills into a supportive, cohesively sharing team that provides healthcare and education to attendees of events. Volunteer staff enjoying art, music and social connections while contributing to the wellbeing of our community as well as sharing their diverse medical training techniques and experience with each other.

A fully mobile medical and crisis clinic and training for effectively using the clinics resources.

Harmony Event Medicine is an experienced organization traveling to events across Oregon to bring wellbeing, happiness and great service to exciting events. Dedicated members who are experts in their respective fields founded HEM in 2003. The staff and volunteer members at HEM are certified MD's, ND's, RN's, EMT's, LMT's, crisis intervention specialists, first aid responders, road and setup crew and cooks. If interested, please contact us and we will do what we can to get you involved with HEM; see the Events and Volunteer page for further details!

Why are we needed at these festivals/events?

There are a variety of medical issues that occur at large events. Dehydration, dizziness, heat exhaustion, crowd anxiety, and excessive substance ingestion are just some of the medical concerns HEM is prepared to handle. In addition, HEM offers professional services for dancing injuries, pre-existing injuries, illness, headaches, asthma, bee stings, allergies, and much more. Our staff is a well rounded group of medical and mental health experts properly trained to handle these situations. All combined, we are making Harmony Event Medicine the best choice to support the festivities of your next event.

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