Monday, February 08, 2016
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Harmony Event Medicine
HEM is a Non-Profit Organization 501(c)(3) based in Eugene, Oregon. We provide basic medical aid and crisis assistance services to patrons of large gatherings, events, and concerts.

Fill out an application to volunteer today! For quick connect to HEM, email our contact email or use our Officeline @ 844-HEM-WORK
Harmony Event Medicine is Asking for Donations
Please donate to us so we can continue to reinvest into our organization that does so much for the events community!
Volunteer Contributing your time and energy to Harmony Event Medicine is a great way to have a wonderful time and work for a worthwhile cause. We usually have camping adjacent to our medical tent and enjoy great music, sunshine, and fun people. HEM provides one meal per shift for outdoor shows, either meat or vegetarian (no meals are provided for indoor shows).


Hello, and Welcome to our Website & our network of healthcare providers!!

There are many ways you can contribute to our Organization. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask a Board Member, your Shift leader, or the contact email address! THANK YOU!

We are in full swing for a packed season of events - please check out our events calendar for the most up-to-date information!

It's always donation season-we are 501(c)(3) tax exempt. Please contact us if you would like to donate to HEM!

We will issue a receipt for your in kind donation per your detailing~


June 26, 2015

Living River Celebration, McKenzie River Trust's main fundraising event-

Contact us at 844-HEM-WORK for details {or} email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

HEM moved over from our old offices in W Eugene to our new home in Santa Clara! Come see us there!! We're just off Irving/Prairie Rd at 30030 Kaiser Rd #5.

HEM recently joined the Nonprofit Association of Oregon!!!

HEM was also recognized by State of Oregon as a non -transporting EMS agency!!!


Upcoming Events:

June 20 @ HEM offices, Festival Kit Inventory Day w/ Michelle C

June 23 @ Jamieson's (in barmuda) Shift Lead mtg/training 7-9pm



Pickathon Festival @ Pendarvis Farm, always first weekend in August. See to see their awesome array of musical talent! HEM has supported Pick since 2006, and has seen many amazin' nights there.

NWSS is once again gracing the friendly confines of Horning's Hideout. HEM has supported NWSS as HEM since 2003, although many of our original founders worked there earlier than that. NOTE: We learned recently that Patrick McCarville, the site manager of NWSS has decided to retire, we wish him the best of luck! We will miss you Pat!!


McDonald Theatre

When entering the McDonald Theatre building, one is immediately flooded with past memories of stage and screen performances because the 1925 building is loaded with historical memories and elements reflecting the days of yore.This (comfortable, familiar yet exciting) feeling is one that the Kesey Family, which owns and operates the theatre, has worked hard to maintain.

Their own childhood memories of past performances at The McDonald Theatre are very vivid. With an extensive background rich in both the arts and business, the Kesey Family combined the love of art with business savvy into a formation that manifests the new face of The McDonald Theatre.

The Cuthbert

Concert venue with a capacity of 5,000, The Cuthbert Amphitheater offers everyone an opportunity to enjoy live music outdoors during spectacular Oregon summers. Located in Eugene,  Oregon at the edge of Alton Baker Park near the University of Oregon's Autzen Stadium.

The Cuthbert features superb sound, beer gardens, food booths and an environment perfect for enjoying superb music performed live by the best touring bands in the country. 



HEM Login


Goodsearch: You Search...We Give!


News from HEM Board of Directors

HEM has recently reformed the Board of Directors and Executive Council in May 2014.

Stepping down from her President of the BOD was Kim Neumann, but she slid into a newly created Executive post, Operations Manager! Congrats Kim!! This effectively created a role/title that was more suited to her involvement in the day to day operations of HEM.

HEM was very happy to announce the addition of the Executive position, Programs Manager, filled by Brad Peterson. Brad has been successfully contributing to HEM as a Shift Supervisor, and has been making extraordinary strides in helping HEM become more streamlined and efficient in policies and procedures. Welcome Brad!!

The elimination of the Advisory Board was noted, so we sent a very fond farewell (technically speaking) to Anndee Burchette, David Sagafi, and Robert Slayter. Although this trio may have been temporarily 'stripped' of title, the trio will continue to contribute in their own very capable ways to HEM.

We wanted to thank co-founder and longtime VP of BOD JonErick Romans!!! Although JE has moved on formally from HEM, he is still our family and we love and support him!!

HEM voted in a brand new Board of Directors, although official titles are yet to be determined.

Laural Wiley, longtime Secretary of Board, remains on BOD.

Nathan Greene, Member at large, remains on BOD.

Our HIPAA advisor and Legal Council, Michael P. Longo, was voted into the HEM BOD!!! Congrats Mike!!

Our Chief Tarpologist and Communications guru, Casey O'Gara was also voted onto the BOD!!! Congrats Casey!!

The Eugene HEM BOD members will be reconvening Monday Feb 23, at LW's house to pre plan our agenda and other items via webcast with ML & CO




Membership fee

There is a $20 yearly membership fee. For the $20 you will receive an HEM T-shirt with our logo (for an extra fee you can get a hooded logo sweatshirt). Entrance to the events, a laminate ID, and meals while on shift are provided at most events. Many of you have acquired a few shirts over the years and thats ok. It's like grey hairs!

** $20 membership fee may be paid at a later date or in parts if you have a low income. Please contact us the office to make arrangements at 844-HEM-WORK or drop by at 30030 Kaiser Ave, #5 Eugene, OR

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Application, to fill out an application, click here or download the .pdf file. After you fill out the form we will get back to you as soon as we are able to. Typically, Executive Staff reviews the applications as they roll in and we address them with the applicants quarterly. Sometimes it can go quicker than that when the applicant is a close confidant of a current volunteer. There is no slight intended to the random application; we are all still volunteers and we do the best we can to triage the applications in a timely fashion. Call our office at 844-HEM-WORK to help expedite the process!! Thank you for your interest in HEM~!!!!